Sean’s Family Nakiri

$ 1,100.00

Sean’s Family Nakiri
Sean’s Family Nakiri Sean’s Family Nakiri

$ 1,100.00


Hi Sean,

Thanks for ordering another knife from me. I really appreciate and very much enjoyed making this Nakiri for you. I hope that your family enjoys it as well and has some fun cooking with it.

Quite a bit of time went into forging this one. The blade is made from several layers of high carbon 1095 and 15n20 steel. When forging, I added a slight twist, then reversed it to create a funky random pattern.

The handle, done in a modified Wa style, is made from the red-dyed and stabilized Curly Hawaiian Mango that yyou chose. FYI, the handle material was locally harvested and processed on the Big Island of Hawaii by a local artisan that specializes in premium handle material  

Last but not least, I made the leather Saya to keep the blade protected. The leather is really high quality veg-tan that comes from an Italian tannery.

please let me know if you  red anything else or have any questions.

Thanks again,


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