Ideal is a knife that feels like anarchy in your hand

Welcome - I’m Marc Weinstock, Bladesmith at Prick.

The studio and forge is located in Chicago's Fulton Market neighborhood. When it comes to making knives, all aspects of the process are done in-shop and crafted using traditional bladesmithing practices at the blistering pace of one at a time.

Most days I usually follow the idea that a knife is functional first and that it should be used for what it's been designed made for. That said, I also believe that whenever possible, which is always, that it should look and feel badass in your hand.

Instagram is where I make hay, so please follow here @marcweinstock and say hello.  I post a ton of great work-in-progress pictures from the workshop along with newly available knives and other products as they are completed.

If you have any questions or would like to connect directly you can use the form on the Contact page or email me directly here at

Thanks for your interest in my work and for supporting small independent artists and manufacturers like this one! 



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