Mickey’s Sweet Blade

$ 900.00

Mickey’s Sweet Blade

$ 900.00


Hi Mickey,

Thanks for ordering another knife from me. I really appreciate it and enjoyed making this one for you. I forged the blade out of 1095 high-carbon steel and acid-etched it to force a slight patina, then gave it a hand tumble in some coarse aggregate to give it a faint distressed look. As you can see, it has a super tight distal taper from heel to point that lends to it’s lean, sleek look.

The handle is made from a really active piece of smokey Ironwood that you chose. FYI, the handle material was locally harvested and processed in Arizona by an artisan that specializes in premium and museum grade handle materials. I also used bronze tube and black micarta pin stock to fasten the handle.

Last but not least, I made the leather sheath for your blade…lucky penny and all ;) The leather is really high-quality veg-tan and comes from a long-established tannery in Italy.

Below are the details; please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks again,



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