The Knife Block

$ 125.00

The Knife Block
The Knife Block The Knife Block The Knife Block The Knife Block

$ 125.00

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Our single serve magnetic knife block is a great way to keep handy and show off your favorite knife.  A perfect countertop accessory, each knife block is handmade from a single piece of either Myrtle or Maple wood. The tapered design and imbedded rare earth magnets help the blade attach to the wood surface.

The images shown are an example of the block's shape, but because each is created from unique piece of wood there will be varying amounts of color, grain pattern, knots, spalting, etc. between the individual blocks.  In some blocks a slight seem line is visible where the block was cut and glued back together. 


Size -  11 x 3 x 3”

Material - Myrtle or Maple Wood


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